Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

I wish nice and relaxed christmas days and all the best for the coming new year! 

Freitag, 22. November 2013

I've taken the photos to a story about a korean woman who immigrated and settled in Stuttgart for 50 years ago. A positive example how people with different cultural backgrounds have found a place in the city. The article was published by the local newspaper, 'Stuttgarter Zeitung'. Stuttgart, November 2013

Dienstag, 19. November 2013

Here's one of my latest publications. I took the photos for a story about a roman courtyard house and an association whose aim is to rebuild the estate. The story was published in the magazine Alblust

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

I took a few shots of the local fair in Stuttgart, named 'Cannstatter Volksfest'. Stuttgart, October 2013

Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Montag, 16. September 2013

Again I took the title photo for the new issue of the magazine "Der Bote".

Montag, 9. September 2013

A moment I've found during a buildup of a fair a couple of days ago. Stuttgart, September 2013

Montag, 26. August 2013

I've found in my archive a series of photos, which I took during a concert of the south-african band BLK JKS. Here's one example. Heidelberg, 11/2009

Montag, 5. August 2013

After a long period without any posts... sorry for! Here's one of my latest publications which came in the street paper 'Trott-war' again. The photos are out of my ongoing series about taking photos of people who are taking photos. 

Montag, 24. Juni 2013

My latest publication in the street paper 'Trott-war'. The series is about the performer Roland Walter from Berlin, Germany. Roland is multiple-handicapped and the art of performance gives him a way to express himself, his feelings and his thoughts.  

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

I've seen this moment of beauty and felt the need to take a picture. Stuttgart, 28th May 2013

Samstag, 27. April 2013

I took the photos for a story about the non-governmental organisation "Village Pioneer Project" which is active in Nigeria. But his origins are in the little village Neustadt which is next to Stuttgart. The founder and head of the organisation is Olatunji Akomolafe. 

Montag, 22. April 2013

Last Saturday the upcomin musician Nicolas Sturm stopped in Stuttgart. 
Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart 20th April 2013

Samstag, 30. März 2013

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Another published article in the new magazine AlbLust, with photos I've taken. A story about a beautiful hiking trail. 

Montag, 4. März 2013

I took the photos for a story about a little village next to the mountain area named Schwäbische Alb, which has located three whisky disterlleries. It's not a Scottish, Irish or American recipe in their use, they call it Swabian Whisky! The whole is published in the new german magazine AlbLust, January 2013.

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

I had the oppertunity to take the photos of the Stuttgart based Singer/Songwriter Micha Schlüter and Max Francois. Stuttgart, 10th February 2012

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

I took two portraits for an article about the positive sides of integration in the Stuttgart area. The one was published  in the sunday issue (10th February) of the newspaper "Rheinpfalz" from Ludwigshafen. 

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Mid Januray I worked with the performance-artist Roland Walter from Berlin, Germany. Roland is handicapped since birth but nevertheless he's looking for ways to express himself. A really great experience for me and I'm thankful for this meeting. I hope more will follow. Here's one picture which was taken during his performance "Freedom" - Berlin, 20th January 2013  

Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

In December 2012 I took the new photos for the dutch-german musical project BIRDT.  Here's one example out of series.